A Variant Analysis Platform for Rare Disease, Cancer and Preventive Genomics

beforeDestroy() { SEQ Platform's advanced AI utilizes a range of databases and tools for variant classification with a 97% successful prioritization rate, which facilitates the evaluation process for a more comprehensive and informed analysis.

Take control of your genomic data. With the SEQ Platform, you can easily build and manage your own database, empowering you to make informed decisions up to 90% more efficiently based on your unique genomic insights.

SEQ Platform's exceptional CNV analysis, with a sensitivity of 96% and a specificity of 99%, can help you improve your diagnostic efficiency and accuracy.

Do not miss any pathogenic variant by checking all available transcripts with ACMG standards and 120 different trusted data sources.

With SEQ Platform's built-in reporting system, you can quickly and easily generate 100% customizable clinical reports, saving you time and effort.